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How much do you owe?

Less than £6k
£6k - £10k
More than £10k

How many creditors do you have?

Two or more

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What is your employment status?

Full time
Part time

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How are you feeling about your debt?

I'm alright, no problems at all.
I'm on top of my debt,
but slightly worried!
I can't pay my bills, I'm very worried!
I'm an ostrich and I stick
my head in the sand!

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How healthy is your credit score?

I've got no problems.
It's a challenge to keep up with payments.
I've missed payments, but no CCJs.
I've got one or more CCJs.

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You're only a couple of steps away from solving your debt and
feeling great about money again!

Your Details

Sorry, we can't help you

Unfortunately we’re not able to help you because you only have one creditor, so we cannot consolidate your debt with any of our debt solutions. If you can think of any other creditors you owe money to, please refill the form. Alternatively, please visit for advice on consolidation loans or a debt relief order.

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